Record Keeping 

Good documentation is key to an efficient and well-run playgroup. Examples of the types of records your playgroup may need to keep include: 

  • Attendance records – attendance records are required for insurance and other purposes such as venue requirements. It is important that the playgroup keeps a record of which families actually attended each session.

Attendance records for Playgroup WA member playgroups must include the following information: 

    • date 
    • names of all adults and children including babies attending the session 
    • names of any visitors 
    • tick or initial for each family attending.

Sample Attendance Form - Tick or Initial

Sample Attendance Form - Signature & Time

  • Financial records – information about a range of key financial documents and processes can be found here
  • Minutes of meetings
  • Playgroup Correspondence 
  • Inventory of the playgroup’s assets including toys and equipment. An inventory provides information about what equipment is owned by the playgroup and how old it is. It is used for insurance claims and should be kept up to date.
How long should records be kept? 

Incorporated playgroups will be guided by their constitution and guidelines provided by the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety.

Unincorporated playgroups can determine for themselves what records they will keep and for how long. For some groups there may be other regulatory requirements such as taxation and requirements that will govern how long records are required.    

Insurance records for Playgroup WA playgroups 

Playgroup WA member playgroups are required to keep attendance records for a minimum of 20 years to ensure that children attending playgroups have sufficient time as adults to consider any claims they may wish to make even if they were previously not raised. Records may be scanned and saved electronically and should be included as part of handover processes.