Toys and Equipment at Supported Playgroup 

The toys and equipment you need to get started will be influenced by factors including: 

  • Children’s ages: if your group is aimed at families with babies you will need different items than a group with older children. 
  • Developmental needs of children: are there specialised toys and equipment that you need to support children’s developmental needs? 
  • Storage availability: how much you have is dependent on being able to store your items. 
  • Shared venue/toys: are you able to access toys and equipment already available in the venue? If so, will you need to add other items? 
  • Interests and needs of parents and caregivers: are there activities or items that they have expressed an interest in doing or having? Are there items you need as part of your parenting support resources? 

Information about suitable toys and equipment for a playgroup can be found here.