International Day of PLAY

A day of play - Tuesday 11th June 2024

Play opens up a whole world of possibilities. The United Nations General Assembly was successfully called on to adopt an annual International Day of Play. This is because every child can reach their full potential with the time, space and access to play.

Play is never just play

Play is a fundamental right; it builds resilience, instils confidence and helps children develop.

Playgroup WA has always acknowledged the importance and benefits of play. We recognise that as a whole we need policies, training and funding to get play integrated into education and community settings because children need time to play.

Play heals through learning, life skills and psychosocial well-being. That’s why there must be investment into diverse, inclusive and safe play spaces, extending access to all, especially the most vulnerable and marginalised children.

There are so many reasons we should all be celebrating the power of play.

Learn and grow through play with friends

Playgroup is a regular place to meet, offering babies, toddlers and young children a wide variety of early learning experiences. It's a great way for your child to learn about the world, make friends and develop social skills. Playgroup has endless benefits for your little ones to learn, grow and develop through play with friends, such as:

  • Interaction and socialising
  • Building self-esteem, resilience and confidence
  • Early brain development through play
  • Smooth transition into school

Celebrating International Day of Play at PLAYGROUP!

We have developed activity resources to give you ideas to celebrate the day of play at your playgroup. These ideas are fun and easy to do at playgroup and at home and also give you information about how these play activities benefit your children's learning, growth and development. Download the PDFs here:

Learn through PLAY - Sorting & Matching 


Click here to learn more about sorting & matching

Physical Activity Dice


Click here to learn more about physical play

Learn through PLAY(dough)

Click here to learn more about playdough

Spread the word!

Let your family, friends and network know about the power of play through social media, using the hashtags #InternationalDayofPlay #PlaygroupWA #IDoPatPlaygroup - we have also created a social media tile for you to share on your playgroup's platforms. We encourage you to tag us or send us your playgroup celebrating the day of play so we can share the magic of playgroup!

Download PGWA IDoP social media tile here