Transitioning your supported playgroup 

Giving early consideration to what might happen to the playgroup and the families when your funding or contract period finishes, or as families move on from the playgroup, is helpful in guiding the development of your program logic and playgroup model.

A transition plan may be needed and can be a helpful planning tool for supporting families in developing the knowledge, skills and experience they may need for starting the next part of their journey. Transition plans can consider a range of options including: 

  • individual families or small groups joining community playgroups in their local area  
  • the whole playgroup becoming a communityplaygroup – more information on this option can be found underHow to Start a Playgroup 
  • children starting school
  • adults moving to paid employment or study 
  • families moving to some other form of community engagement or service. 

Playgroup WA may be able to assist you in developing a transition plan for your supported playgroup. For more information contact or 1800 171 882. 

Transitioning your supported playgroup to communityplaygroups 

Whether you are transitioning a few families or a whole group to community/parent-led playgroups, talking with families about their needs and interests is important. Finding out what will work for families and about their capacity and willingness to make the shift is a key part of the transition process.   

Transitioning individual families to communityplaygroups 

If your supported playgroup has families from a wide geographic area it may be helpful for them to think about joining a playgroup in their local areas. Having a few families joining a new playgroup together can make it easier for them to feel more comfortable and supported in taking this step.  You can get information about community/parent-led playgroups across WA from Playgroup WA's main website.Often families can try a few groups to see what works for them before making a commitment. Fees will apply for some community/parent-led playgroups. Individual playgroups will be able to provide information about any fees, session times, items to bring with them and about what families can expect.   

Transitioning the whole group to communityplaygroups 

If your plan is to transition the whole playgroup to becoming a community playgroup there will be a range of issues you will need to consider and to build into your planning processes.  These include issues such as: 

  • Consulting with families – they need to be fully informed and involved in the transition planning process. 
  • Size of the group – how many families do you need or want ideally? 
  • Playgroup management – how will the group organise the tasks involved in managing their playgroup and who will be involved in undertaking those roles/tasks? 
  • Venue – can they continue to meet in the same venue, or do they need to find a new space for the playgroup? How much will the venue cost weekly/monthly? 
  • Toys and equipment – can they use the existing toys or will they need to source new toys?  Can they share toys if meeting in a shared playgroup space?
  • Fees and charges – how much will be needed to run the playgroup?  What can families afford? Often this issue will influence the choice of venue. 

Playgroup WA has lots of helpful information about starting a playgroup, setting up the playgroup environment  and managing community playgroups.