Managing playgroup finances  

Playgroups vary hugely in how they operate, including in how much money they need to operate, how they source and collect their income, and how they use and expend the funds they have gained. 

Some playgroups don’t need a lot of money to operate and may not charge fees.  Others have to allow for a number of costs, including the cost of hiring venues, and will charge fees in order to help cover those costs. 

This section discusses a range of issues relevant to collecting and managing fees and other income and is designed to provide a general guide for playgroups.  Some of the information here may not apply to your playgroup.

Regardless of the size of the playgroup, some basic financial and administration processes such as records of money collected and spent, will be needed.  

The financial integrity of the playgroup's income, expenses and assets, whether the playgroup has a committee or not, and regardless of the size of the playgroup, will be of interest to its members.

For smaller playgroups, the need for formal processes may be less relevant but you may still need some ways of being accountable and responsible for: 

  • Money that is collected including weekly “gold coin” donations 
  • having information about costs of running the group 
  • deciding how money will be used. 

For small, informal groups this may simply involve some discussions within the group.  For other groups, the playgroup committee will be responsible for keeping the playgroup financially viable and making decisions on:  

  • Developing a budget outlining income and expenditure  
  • Setting fees and fee policies  
  • Determining if fundraising is necessary  
  • Being accountable for the playgroup’s financial commitments 
  • Appointing a person or two to oversee the playgroup’s finances, or Treasurer, as appropriate.   

Where there is a Treasurer, it is their responsibility for maintaining accurate and accessible financial records. You can find information about Committee roles, including the Treasurer’s role on the Templates, Information and Checklists page, under the heading, Committees - Sample Committee Roles & Responsibilities.