Supported Playgroup Models 

Choosing the right model for your proposed supported playgroup is a key first step in getting started.  Supported playgroups operate with different levels of support depending on the identified needs of the families they are aiming to support and the intentions of the program.  

There are a number of different supported playgroup models (see Playgroup Models). Which one you choose will depend on several factors including: 

  • identified needs of participants 
  • funding aims and objectives 
  • program logic (design) including identified outcomes for participants 
  • level of funding available and 
  • availability of suitably qualified (specialist) staff. 

In some situations, funding for the playgroup will be part of a broad funding program and may have prescribed aims which will determine the model you choose. In other cases, you may be in a position to develop your playgroup model concept and then apply for funding to deliver your program.