Employing Staff

Staffing considerations

Your playgroup model will guide the number of staff you ideally require in the program, the desired qualifications and experience necessary and the rates of pay for staff. Undertaking a review of the proposed position or positions will help clarify issues including:

  • staffing structure required including reporting structure
  • roles, responsibilities, tasks and authority of the staff
  • employment status of staff e.g. Full-time, part-time, casual
  • number of hours per week required for each position (this will be largely influenced by the model and will include consideration of issues such as the level of program structure and support for families, preparation, planning and programming, as well as professional supervision requirements, evaluation and reporting requirements and other administrative/management needs)
  • qualifications, experience and skills required.

This will also help you in drafting Job Descriptions for playgroup positions.

Employer responsibilities

As an employer you will need to comply with a range of state and federal regulations and requirements including awards and rate of pay, taxation and superannuation, workers compensation, and work health and safety for staff you employ in the playgroup.  Please see the links below for further information about these issues.

  • Award information and Employee records – Contact Wageline here
  • Pay as you go taxation (PAYE) and Superannuation Guarantee Act – Contact Australian Taxation Office here
  • Worker’s Compensation – Contact Workcover here
  • Safe workplace – Contact Worksafe here

Other places you may find helpful include:

  • Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety here and here.
  • Fair Work Commission here