Playgroup session excursions  

Everyone loves an outing and organising one occasionally with your playgroup can bring a pleasant and fun change from your regular sessions.   

It doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive; just a walk to the local park for morning tea can be a real treat and a trip to the post office to post a letter to yourself is fun too.   

However, if you’d like to plan something a little further away, consider:   

  • Who decides where and when?   
  • Is it free or is the cost within the reach of all families?   
  • Does the activity or destination fit the playgroup philosophy so that it is suitable for all families and children of all ages?   
  • How will families without transport get there?   
  • Would it add to the experience to hire a bus?   
  • Should it be during playgroup time or a family day on the weekend?   
  • Can/should the excursion be subsidised out of general playgroup funds?   
Some excursion ideas  
  • Local parks and gardens, parks out of your immediate area which may be new to your members   
  • Walk to the deli or local shop, walk around the block   
  • The local library will almost certainly have story time sessions   
  • Some fire stations will let playgroups visit or can bring a fire engine to visit you   
  • Take a train, bus or ferry ride   
  • National parks and forest areas   
  • Working farms   

Other excursion ideas (where costs are involved)   

  • Wildlife parks, animal sanctuaries and the zoo   
  • Indoor soft play centres   
  • Farm schools and display farms   
  • Museums, exhibitions and science displays   
Taking care  

Anything out of the ordinary can make children very excited and they can easily forget the simple rules they are used to in the familiar playgroup environment. Adults need to be extra vigilant on excursions especially around traffic and water and remember to be SunSmart.   

Insurance cover for excursions  

For information about specific conditions relating to insurance cover during playgroup outings - if your playgroup is a Playgroup WA member playgroup, please contact Playgroup WA's insurance broker. Please click here for more information about playgroup insurance including Playgroup WA's insurance broker's contact details.