Recruiting families for Supported Playgroup

Ideally you will already have families interested in attending your playgroup prior to starting. If you do need to recruit families, either at the start or throughout the life of your playgroup, it is helpful to connect with and promote your playgroup with other local services. Often families find it hard to come along for the first time and connecting with the playgroup through another service they are already connected with can make it easier to take that step.

Families may also find their first visit easier if they already know other families attending or who might attend the playgroup with them.  Flyers are great for getting the word out, but personal connections and approaches can be invaluable in encouraging families to come to the playgroup. Letting families know about what they can expect and what will be expected of them is useful in building trust as well as in managing families’ expectations about the playgroup.

Conversations with families prior to commencing provides an opportunity for discussing some of these issues and finding out more about things that will help them in getting started.

With Playgroup WA membership, your playgroup is listed on the Playgroup WA website under the Find A Playgroup search function. Playgroup WA can also provide other promotional support. You may also like to set up your own social media page or group, or your own website.