Insurance for Playgroup WA playgroups  

Why is insurance important? 

Insurance is important for playgroups to protect them against claims that may result from something they did or failed to do. All playgroups have a duty of care to members of the public (third parties) who come into contact with them. 

Insurance can cover you in the event that someone gets injured during a visit to your playgroup, or any damage caused to the venue or premises you use, as a result of an accident.  

Insurance can also cover playgroup members and children for personal injuries that may occur at playgroup (including on excursions) and damage caused to playgroup property through accident, theft or vandalism.   

Playgroup WA Insurance 

Playgroup WA (Inc) employs the brokerage services of Finsura Insurance Broking (Australia) Pty Ltd to provide the following insurance for Playgroup WA members: 

  • Public and Products Liability 
  • Personal Accident and Injury (Child and Adult) 
  • Property and Contents 

This insurance cover IS ONLY APPLICABLE to playgroup specific activities and does not cover activities for non-playgroup activities such as the use of a playgroup venue for birthday parties.  

The advice and information given here is general in nature and is subject to change. Specific insurance information and/or advice should be sought from our insurance brokers, Finsura Insurance Broking (Australia) Pty Ltd. 


For a playgroup to receive Playgroup WA’s insurance cover, the playgroup needs to be a financial member of Playgroup WA. For a playgroup to become a member it needs to submit a Playgroup Registration Form and fees for at least three families to Playgroup WA.  Information about starting a playgroup and registering with Playgroup WA is here.   

Each year playgroups need to renew their membership by submitting fees for at least three families and updating membership information on the Playgroup WA portal. Every family attending playgroup will need to pay their annual membership fee in order to receive insurance coverage of their family at playgroup.  

Playgroup WA sends insurance information annually to all member playgroups. This information includes a Certificate of Currency (which confirms the details and currency of the insurance policy), Insurance Information and Frequently Asked Questions. These documents outline your playgroup’s insurance cover and the insurance company’s expectations.  Be sure to read ALL items carefully and make the information available to all your playgroup members.  

A Certificate of Currency is likely to be required by landlords when playgroups lease or rent a venue. It will also be required if a playgroup is involved in an event organised by a third party, such as local authority fetes where a playgroup might have a stall to raise membership interest. 

Please contact Playgroup WA for information on obtaining a Certificate of Currency for your playgroup. 

Keeping records/Attendance sheets  

Attendance records are required for insurance purposes. It is important that the playgroup keeps a record of which families and visitors attend each session. 

Attendance records need to be kept for a minimum of 20 years to ensure children that attended playgroup have enough time as adults to consider whether they want to make a claim.  

You can use an attendance sheet, a file or an attendance book. Alternatively, an electronic sign-in process may be used, providing records are handed over to subsequent committees and kept for the period required. 

Attendance records need to include the following information:  

  • Date  
  • Names of all adults and children attending, including babies  
  • An initial or tick upon arrival  
  • Names of any visitors 
  • Records may be scanned and saved electronically. This will require a procedure for storing records and handover to new members or committees.  

Note: some venues may require arrival and departure times with signature for each entry, for example schools-based playgroups.  

Sample Attendance Forms can be found under the heading Attendance and Enrolment Forms, on the Templates, Information and Checklists page here. 

Events and non-standard activities  

Playgroups need to complete an Event Application Form for any non-standard playgroup event or activity (such as fun days or Christmas parties) with an expected attendance of more than 500 people.  

The form can be obtained from Playgroup WA’s insurer, Finsura Insurance Broking (Australia) Pty Ltd, must be completed and forwarded to Finsura no less than 30 days prior to the event.  

Please note: An additional insurance premium may be applicable if more than 500 attendees are expected at the event. 

More information is available from Finsura on 1800 252 712 or email  

Recording incidents 

An incident may include, but not be limited to, accident causing personal injury or facilities damage, equipment damage, graffiti, vandalism or theft.  

It is important for playgroups to fill in an incident report form for any incident that could possibly eventuate in an insurance claim. It is advisable to fill in incident reports while the events are fresh in members’ minds so that if a claim should eventuate all the details are available.  

Once completed, incident reports should be sent to Finsura as soon as practical; this can be done by email. The insurance broker will advise playgroups of any further information that may be required at that time.  

For very serious injuries it is best to call Finsura immediately and email the incident report and any other relevant information at the same time. Finsura can help to determine if further action should be taken and their advice and direction can assist in resolving serious matters. 

Incident reports should include the following details:  

  • a description of the incident and resulting damage or injury 
  • date, time and place 
  • people present if applicable
  • action taken and 
  • the signature of injured person or caregiver, any witnesses and person completing the incident report.  

To assist playgroups, an Incident Report Form template is included in this Playgroup WA Resource Kit - visit our Templates, Information and Checklists page under the heading Insurance. It is a good idea for playgroups to keep a record of incidents. Member playgroups are also welcome to forward electronic copies of incident reports to Playgroup WA at for electronic storage. 

Insurance claims  

If an incident becomes an insurance matter, playgroups should contact Finsura directly for the necessary claim forms.  

For more information about playgroup insurance please contact Finsura on 1800 252 712 or email