Playgroup activities 

Play is central to young children’s learning.  Offering a range of different play activities and experiences will help provide lots of opportunities for the children in your group to develop skills across all developmental areas.

Play can be structured or unstructured and there is value in having both types of play on offer.  Structured play is the type of play that is more organised, often lead by parents or caregivers and tends to happen at a fixed time or place such as craft activities.

Unstructured or free play is the type of play that just happens.  It is usually chosen by the children depending on what they are interested in.  Because it isn’t planned in advance, it allows children to take charge and to move at their own pace. Unstructured play is very important for young children as this is a time when they use their imagination, engage in creative play and learn while they are exploring the environment.  Structured and unstructured play can happen both indoors and outdoors.

By offering a range of activities playgroups can help to support children’s development across all developmental domains including social, cognitive, emotional, physical and language development.  Playgroup WA has developed a range of play resources, craft ideas and activity sheets that are available are on our website for playgroups and families to access and use.

Information on play and activities is also regularly included in Playgroup WA’s eNews and Facebook posts.  You can also call our Hotline on 1800 171 882 or email for more information.

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