Playgroup WA Immunisation Statement 

Playgroup WA supports the benefits of immunisation and the Government of Western Australia Department of Health’s position on immunisation.  

When considering immunisation, we encourage families to seek professional advice from their GP or Child Health Nurse to ensure they make an informed decision regarding the immunisation of their children.  

To avoid potential conflicts or misunderstandings, playgroups should give some thought to how their group will approach the issue of immunisation and convey that to their members. They should also consider more broadly how to manage infectious diseases at playgroup. Each playgroup acts as an autonomous group and must decide what works best for them. Striking a balance between the protection of members and being open to new families at playgroup is ultimately up to the individual playgroup.  

It is important to remember that there are a range of reasons why children or adults may not be immunised. If your playgroup is considering a policy around immunisation we encourage you to involve all playgroup members and to contact us.