Fundraising for your Playgroup 

Fundraising for your playgroup is great way to raise extra money whether it be to help make running your group easier or for new equipment or toys!   

If you’re looking for some ideas, have a look below at some of the most popular suggestions from us and our  Facebook community:  

  • Bunnings Sausage Sizzle 

Local Bunnings sausage sizzle provides great opportunities with lots of foot traffic. These need to be booked in advance and you will need several groups of families/parents on roster to cover the day.   

  • Selling edible goods 

Many playgroups have been successful in fundraisers for edible goods, such as olive oil, eggs, chocolates, pasta or a bake sale. Scheduling them around different occasions also works well, for example selling chocolates around Easter or Mother's Day.   

Tip: $1 Freddo and Caramello Koala boxes are a popular option and have proved to be easier to sell. 

  • Grant Applications 

Applying for a grant is a good way to obtain a sizeable amount of funding. Have a look at Playgroup WA, Lotterywest, Local Councils, MPs, Grill’d Local Matters, Bankwest, McDonalds and IGA .  

  • Selling other non-perishable goods 

Look outside the box – goods such as kites, socks, tea towel keepsakes, personally made cook books, etc, are a creative and different approach than the usual chocolate boxes. Stuck on Your Fundraising is a popular option.   

  • Hosting a Cinema Event 

Local cinemas, such as Grand Cinemas, Event Cinemas, Palace Cinema, are a good place to start. You could hold a raffle or door prizes before the screening as well.   

  • Hosting an event 

Organise an event for local families and children such as a community disco, messy play day, bingo or quiz night.    

  • Hosting a stall 

Look at what local community events are happening in your area and host a stall and hold a bake sale or sell homemade playdough . 

  • Raffles 

Visit local businesses from your community and ask for goods, services or experiences to be donated to create a big raffle with multiple prizes to be won. Creating a poster for the businesses to display is a good way to spread the message.   

Need more ideas? Check out fundraising opportunities on the Playgroup WA website here. And join the  Playgroup WA Committee Member Facebook group to connect with other committee members and share ideas!